dmgi have been a terrific owner of Genscape. They have allowed us (the founders) to largely run the business, but at the same time have added a level of strategic sophistication and market savvy that has accelerated our success and broadened our ambition.

Sean O'Leary, Founder, Genscape

Under dmgi's ownership, I have enjoyed excellent career growth, from Head of Sales to CEO. They have backed our growth plans with capital for bolt-on acquisitions and have helped develop our management team to be perennially stronger and better equipped.

Craig Heldman, CEO, Hobsons

A major attraction to joining the DMGI family was their willingness to support existing management and provide access to considerable financial resources thereby enabling the company to significantly accelerate its growth plans. They backed us on a number of strategic acquisitions that substantially improved our competitive position in the marketplace and helped us develop into a much stronger and better equipped management team.

Anthony Buenicore, Founder, EDR

Being part of the dmgi family presents a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ scenario for a senior executive. On the one hand, the guidance and resources that come with being part of a larger organization have helped us grow the EDR business significantly. On the other hand, the ‘light-touch’ philosophy allows EDR’s individual culture and entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.

Rob Barber, CEO, EDR