The Team

Bill Raduchel Bill Raduchel
Special Advisor

Bill Raduchel is the chairman and chief executive officer of Ruckus bringing a broad range of business experience in the computing, Internet and media industries. Before joining Ruckus, Raduchel was executive vice president and chief technology officer of AOL Time Warner, Inc. Prior to AOL, Raduchel served as chief strategy officer and an executive committee member for Sun Microsystems, Inc. In his eleven years at Sun, Raduchel also held positions as chief information officer, chief financial officer, acting vice president of human resources and vice president of corporate planning and development and oversaw relationships with major Japanese partners. In addition, he has held senior executive roles at Xerox Corporation and McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Raduchel currently serves as a director of Chordiant Software, In2Books, PanelLink Cinema Partners PLC and as an adviser to its parent company, Silicon Image. Additionally, he is an adviser to Myriad International Holdings, Hyperspace Communications and Wild Tangent. Raduchel is a member of the National Advisory Board for the Salvation Army, the National Academy Committee on Internet Navigation and Domain Name Services and the Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy of the National Academy of Sciences.

Named “CTO of the Year” in 2001 by Infoworld magazine, Raduchel was a past professor of Economics at Harvard University and holds several issued and pending patents. After attending Michigan Technological University, which gave him an honorary doctorate in 2002, Raduchel received his undergraduate degree in economics from Michigan State University and earned his A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in economics at Harvard. In both the fall and spring of 2003 he was the Castle Lecturer on Computer Science at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Rick Trepp Rick Trepp
Member of the Board, Trepp

In addition to founding The Rockport Group, Rick Trepp is the Founder of Trepp LLC, (“Trepp”) located in New York City, which is the industry standard provider of CMBS analytics, data, consulting, and software to the securities and investment management industry. Trepp’s main business is to meet the needs of both the primary and secondary CMBS markets by providing, through Trepp CMBS Analytics on Bloomberg™ and through Trepp Web™, the largest trading quality CMBS Deal Library, as well as providing The Trepp System™, a primary and secondary market CMBS issuance and analysis system. Trepp maintains a current database (updated monthly) of all securitized commercial mortgage loans in the United States. Trepp professionals have extensive experience in the structured finance business. Currently, customers include large broker dealers, commercial banks, CMBS conduits, asset managers, and the majority of B-piece buyers in the CMBS marketplace.

Rick Trepp is a well-known and prominent authority in the field of structured finance. He has provided the market with a non-partisan source of structured finance expertise and analytical software since he founded Trepp & Company, Inc. in 1979. Trepp Information Services, Inc. and Trepp Pricing Services, Inc. (which were sold in 1990 to Thomson Financial Services) were instrumental in the universal dissemination of CMO/REMIC and ABS structuring information and market valuations to the investment community. He serves on the Board of Directors of Mezz Cap, Lewtan Technologies, Trepp, LLC, among others. He has served on the Editorial Board of CMBS World™. Mr. Trepp has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and has published multiple articles on the topic of securitized financings. Mr. Trepp was asked by the White House and the Treasury Department to contribute to the tax legislation (TIMS and REMIC) for mortgage-backed securities. In 1986, Trepp & Company, Inc. was selected by the Public Securities Association to create a clearing house for all CMO/REMIC’s.

Under his guidance, Trepp and its predecessor company have structured and serviced billions of dollars in structured financings, collateralized by mortgages and other financial assets. Its analytical software has been utilized to reverse engineer over 10,000 separate securitizations backed by all types of financial assets. Mr. Trepp was a founder of the STAR Alliance, an affiliation of industry recognized companies which provided information for banking institutions to comply with regulatory reporting requirements. The Trepp analytical software and extensive database availability contributed to the STAR Alliance products, which also included asset liability management capabilities at the balance sheet, portfolio and individual security levels. Trepp’s consulting business has also historically incorporated asset-backed securities work and structured municipal bond financings.

Before establishing Trepp & Company, Inc., Rick Trepp was Vice President-Division Executive of The Chase Manhattan Bank, directing the new product and loan pricing division. Prior to that, he was a Vice President and team leader for corporate lending to U.S. multi-national corporations. His business career began in Operations Research for the U.S. Air Force.

Rick Trepp holds an M.B.A. with honors from The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a B.A. from Dartmouth College.

Anthony Buonicore Anthony Buonicore
Member of the Board, EDR

Over the last 25 years Mr. Buonicore founded and successfully sold four companies, BCA Environmental Services, Chemrox, Hunter Environmental Services and EDR; he took a company public via an IPO (HESI, NASDAQ) and was responsible for almost two dozen acquisitions, including a successful rollup in the environmental information industry; he has two patents on inventions used globally in the pharmaceutical industry, and set up a successful manufacturing company (Chemrox) to produce the equipment; Mr. Buonicore is a past president (elected) of the International Air and Waste Management Association (at the time with almost 20,000 members throughout the world); served as Chairman of the U.S. Task Group (at ASTM) responsible for development of a national property environmental due diligence standard; authored numerous textbooks and papers and is a frequent invited lecturer and guest speaker; Mr. Buonicore also served on numerous corporate Boards, including BCA Environmental Services (Director), Chemrox (Director), Strategis (Director), EDR (Chairman), Trepp (Chairman), Property & Portfolio Research (Chairman), Sanborn Map Company (Director) and Landmark Information Group (Chairman); he has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College in New York City, is a member of the Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, and is a licensed professional engineer and Diplomate in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.