Strategic Investments

  dmgi has a number of strategic investments in businesses that meet its investment criteria.  These include:

At Skymet, we provide services that allow our clients to understand and organize themselves around our changing environment. Weather is our bread and butter. And through research and analysis by some of India's finest weather scientists, we have created weather-based business solutions for media, power, shipping and telecom. We also provide risk management services to power, renewable energy (wind and solar), aviation, construction and the food & beverage industry in India. We started in 2003 by providing weather infographics to The Hindustan Times, one of India's largest English dailies. And the journey had been wonderful as we went from strength to strength, enhancing our services portfolio, incorporating cutting edge in weather prediction and data dissemination technology, and breaking new grounds in the yet nascent weather services industry in the country. We believe that weather data and forecasts should be available even for less critical applications and to one and all. And to that end we have made forecasts freely available on our website. Today, Skymet can provide accurate forecasts at the village level. Skymet can provide reliable seasonal forecast for the next 7 months, including the monsoon.  


Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics, Inc. is a global research and consulting firm with offices in New York City, San Jose and London. Started in 2000, RCA's proprietary research is focused exclusively on the investment market for commercial real estate. RCA is a private company held primarily by its employees. In addition to collecting transactional information for current property sales and financings, RCA analyzes and interprets the data, providing valuable insight on commercial real estate investment. RCA publishes the widely-read reports Global Capital Trends® and US Capital Trends, which are quoted regularly in industry news. RCA also reports regularly on trends involving distressed commercial property. Covering all markets globally, RCA's investment market data and analysis is relied upon by all segments of the real estate community, from buyers, developers, brokers and lenders. Timely, complete and accurate reporting of property investment activity is the hallmark of Real Capital Analytics.  



With technology centers across the United States and abroad, Sanborn offers a full suite of photogrammetric mapping and geographic information system (GIS) services backed by superior customer support. Sanborn is uniquely positioned to offer you local presence, extensive resources, quick responses, and exceptional value. For over a century, Sanborn has experienced--and been part of--the rapid growth of the mapping industry. Sanborn has the resources to develop and implement the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to build, enhance, or maintain your GIS, you can count on Sanborn. Sanborn offers total geospatial solutions.  


PointX is a joint venture company set up to develop and market a 'Points of Interest' database covering Great Britain. Its vision is to lead the Points of Interest market by delivering the most comprehensive, current and consistent national data.