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Hobsons Reports Successful Year of Virtual Student Fairs

7 years ago

Attendees and clients thrilled with unique, highly-targeted student-centric approach

CINCINNATI, OH – March 1, 2012 –  After its first year of successful virtual student fairs, Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, reports that universities and students alike value its highly targeted, student-centric approach to these events. Using a variety of unique tactics and technologies to connect the right students with the right schools, Hobsons’ virtual student fairs aim to maximize meaningful engagement for all.

To increase student participation, Hobsons’ virtual student fairs offer:

  • Event times that accommodate international time zones and student schedules
  • Live-chat translations with the option to save and download the dialogues
  • Mobile access
  • The chance to win USD 3,000 in scholarships

To improve the quality of student/school connections, Hobsons’ virtual student fairs provide:

  • Regionally focused events
  • An environment divided by degree type
  • Access to US schools only
  • Exclusive focus on international student recruitment

“Hobsons’ virtual student fairs offer a unique platform for universities to reach out to larger audiences of prospective students in targeted regions with a click of a computer mouse,” said Krzysztof Zaba, director, International & Global Admissions for New York Institute of Technology. “It is incredible that prospective students, who are physically based in their home countries, can interact with admission counselors live to explore opportunities halfway around the world. The Internet creates so many new opportunities for us, and e-recruitment has become an integral part of our recruitment strategy. I was amazed that so many prospective students visited New York Institute of Technology’s booth at the recent Asia, South America, and India virtual fairs, and I hope that we will see an impact of our work in the upcoming semesters.”

For more information about Hobsons virtual student fairs, please visit the Hobsons website. Upcoming regional events include:

  • March 3, Middle East and Africa
  • March 31, Asia
  • April 21, Latin America

Find out what 32 state vapor policies could mean for you

7 years ago

Find out what 32 state vapor policies could mean for you

Understanding vapor is more important than ever in 2012 • EPA issues new final health assessment for PCE (from commonground) • ASTM revision—regulatory file review (from commonground) • events, courses and more!

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Scanned, Original City Directory Images Delivered to Your Inbox

7 years ago

Get comprehensive coverage of this standard historical resource using EDR’s field-based research team.

The new EDR City Directory Image Report includes:

  • Original city directory images for your target and adjoining properties
  • Permission to reuse images in your Phase I report
  • Coverage for over 70% of properties in the U.S.

Save time and perform high quality due diligence with EDR’s City Directory Image Report.
Visit to learn more.

Landmark confirms leadership in workflow mobile technology

7 years ago

Landmark Information Group placed itself at the forefront of workflow and business data solutions when its Chief Executive, Stephen Stout, revealed a new mobile offering.

Stout briefed industry peers in the Outsell Leadership Council on this development on Tuesday (21 February). He explained that in response to surveyors demanding a tablet driven application to assist with mortgage valuations, Landmark’s team of researchers are working with a number of surveying firms to trial Q-Mobile, a new mobile data-capture device.

Q-Mobile is an intelligent property data capture solution that aims to replace manual, paper-based mortgage valuation forms for residential chartered surveyors.

Q-Mobile is being launched because there is a significant gap in the residential surveying market for electronic property data capture. The process of surveying has been consistent since the start of the surveying profession where a surveyor’s tools typically comprise a clipboard, paper, pen and a tape measure.

The new tool has been designed to look and feel just like the paper-based valuations, yet allows the surveyor to capture the data via a tablet device on site. This cuts out administrative work back at the office and flags any sections of the electronic report that need clarifying or completing. Q-Mobile corresponds to RICS regulations creating extra due-diligence for surveyors and the ability to undertake detailed valuation audits, which satisfies the requirements of professional indemnity insurers, and has the potential to reduce surveyors’ premiums.

Stout was sharing the Landmark experience in developing workflow applications in mobile environments. It is typical of the Group’s approach to technology. Landmark continually invests in software, recruiting the best developers and focussing on product development to meet the demands of its customers in the property and environment sector.

“Landmark’s focus is to empower our customers by providing them with fast, accurate data to enable them to make the right decisions about their business. This new mobile development is exactly the kind of technology that has established our reputation as a leader in our market place,” commented Stephen Stout, Chief Executive of Landmark Information Group. “To make sure we maintain our status, we continually invest in the best systems and the brightest people. It is also why we make a point of being involved in cutting-edge groups such as Outsell.”

Genscape Launches Free Access to REMIT Energy Data in One Place

7 years ago

New offering leverages Genscape’s decade-long investments developing sophisticated, patented monitoring technologies that increase transparency in global wholesale energy markets.

7 February 2012 – Genscape, a pioneer in sophisticated and patented energy monitoring systems, today announces the launch of its new Power RT “REMIT Data Portal”. The Genscape Power RT REMIT Data Portal collects and delivers public energy data to all market participants through a single, easy-to-use web portal.

“Ten years ago, Genscape’s technology offered increased transparency in global energy markets,” says Tedann Olsen, Genscape’s European managing director. “We’ve been investing and expanding our field-based energy monitoring ever since, and the new REMIT Data Portal will help create a level playing field for all market participants. Through the portal everyone can view public data in a single place, making insight and analysis easier and faster.”

Individuals who register will gain access to Genscape’s Energy Market Mapping software that aggregates European REMIT data in real-time as it posts.

Genscape’s European map is easy-to-use and provides robust energy market detail, such as: fuel type, capacity, unit size, and ownership for generating power plants. Registrants can view time series graphs, look at day-over-day change rates, and assess unit trips with Genscape quality control. The REMIT Portal provides data for the past twenty-four hours up to ninety days to get a historical data/trend perspective.

A special website has been prepared to accept registrations at:, and it also allows market participants to request additional monitoring of power plants, a specific geographic region, or even a particular asset.

Genscape is unique in the global marketplace. Genscape pioneered the use of sophisticated, patented technology to gather plant generation data, increasing transparency in global wholesale energy markets, and offering a full suite of proprietary energy market data products. These premium products independently validate energy data acquisition through an extensive network of electro-magnetic, infrared, and aerial energy monitors strategically stationed all across Europe.

Trepp Reports Drop in CMBS Delinquency Rate for January

7 years ago

Dismal Performance of 2007 Loans Offset by $1.6B in Resolved Losses

(NEW YORK – February 2, 2012) – Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets, released its January 2012 U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report today (available at

The delinquency rate for U.S. commercial real estate loans in CMBS fell six basis points in January to 9.52%. The value of delinquent loans is now $57.7 billion.

The first wave of 2007 originated loans that reached their balloon dates in January performed poorly, with only 27% of these loans managing to pay off. While this should have pushed the delinquency rate much higher, this upward pressure was offset by about $1.6 billion in loans that were resolved with losses during the month.

“The CMBS market performance will be dictated by two trends going forward,” said Manus Clancy, senior managing director at Trepp. “The pace of loan liquidations will compete against the growth of delinquent loans that emerge from the Class of 2007. If the rate of loan liquidations slows, the rate will climb. If the special servicers keep plowing ahead at the pace they did in January, the rate could manage to stay flat.”

The multifamily delinquency rate fell 18 basis points in January but remains the worst performing property type at 15.39%. The industrial delinquency rate was up 11 basis points to 12.14% in January, replacing hotel loans as the second worst performing category. Lodging delinquencies finished the month down 11 basis points at 12.09%. The office delinquency rate dropped seven basis points to 8.90% and the retail delinquency rate increased three basis points to 7.88%, remaining the best performing property type.

For additional details, request the January U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report at For daily CMBS and bank trading ideas, credit events and commentary, register for TreppWire or follow us on Twitter.

About Trepp, LLC
Trepp, LLC is the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets. Trepp provides primary and secondary market participants with the tools and insight they need to increase their operational efficiencies, information transparency and investment performance. For more information visit

Landmark launches new charity partnership with MapAction

7 years ago

Landmark Information Group (the leading provider of property related geo-spatial and environmental information) is launching a new partnership with humanitarian aid charity, MapAction, which will run throughout 2012. Under the partnership, Landmark is making a corporate donation of £2,500 and whilst also organising a range of fund-raising activites to help MapAction get aid to where it is needed most. MapAction will also work closely with Landmark to explore ways that its employees can contribute their skills to help people affected by disasters.

MapAction is a charity that maps life-saving information about disaster situations so that aid agencies can target relief efforts effectively to help those in greatest need. It is the only non-governmental organisation (NGO) anywhere in the world with a capacity to deploy a fully trained and equipped humanitarian mapping and information management team, often within a few hours of an alert.

Stephen Stout, Landmark CEO says: “Landmark Information Group recognises that business is about more than profit and commercial gain, therefore also about being corporately and socially responsible as a member body in the local and global community. Our investment in MapAction brings our core business in alignment with vitally important charitable work where, in this case, maps save lives.”

Chloe Browitt, Head of Fundraising at MapAction says: “MapAction volunteers are on standby 24/7 to respond to any humanitarian emergency anywhere in the world, so it’s very reassuring to know that Landmark are committed to supporting us over the coming year.

Our aim is for Landmark employees to have a great time working with us. Their energy and enthusiasm will help MapAction to save lives and minimise suffering when a disaster strikes.”

More information about MapAction can be found in Landmark’s CR Policy.

Trepp Releases 2012 U.S. Banking Sector Outlook: Happy Days Are Gone Again

7 years ago

Happy Days Are Gone Again

(NEW YORK – December 22, 2011) – Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets, released its 2012 U.S. Banking Sector Outlook today. The complimentary report is now available at

Trepp’s success in forecasting 96% of the commercial banks that have failed in the current cycle, beginning September 2007, have helped make Trepp one of the foremost authorities on the health of the U.S. banking sector.

With over 20 exhibits and “Bottom Line” forecasts on earnings, net interest margins, revenues, loss provisioning, balance sheets, European exposures, commercial real estate, regulations and bank distress, this research is a must read for anyone interested or invested in the U.S. banking sector.

“Overall, we do not expect 2012 to be a repeat of 2008, but there will be more disappointments than pleasant surprises in the New Year,” said Matt Anderson, Managing Director at Trepp, and co-author of the research. “The banking sector has not yet returned to ‘normal’ despite two years of earnings growth. With increased regulation and the temptation for banks to take additional risks in order to preserve margins, 2012 should be a very interesting year.”

For additional details, request the 2012 U.S. Banking Sector Outlook at For daily CMBS and bank trading ideas, credit events and commentary, register for TreppWire or follow Trepp on Twitter.

About Trepp, LLC
Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets. Trepp provides primary and secondary market participants with the tools and insight they need to increase their operational efficiencies, information transparency and investment performance. For more information visit

Hobsons Acquires Intelliworks: Powerful combination shaping the future of enrollment management technology

7 years ago

CINCINNATI, OH December 13, 2011–Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, today announced its acquisition of Intelliworks, a leading provider of relationship management solutions for higher education.The acquisition adds expertise in key market segments to Hobsons’ successful enrollment management solutions and positions the company for accelerated expansion in both traditional and non-traditional higher education environments.

Craig Heldman, chief executive officer of Hobsons, Inc., highlights, “This transaction will enable us to deliver more value to the clients of Hobsons and Intelliworks by blending the expertise and product knowledge of two proven industry leaders. The combination will benefit the higher education market and expand Hobsons’ ability to bring success to education through innovation, leadership and partnerships. It will also enhance our efforts in graduate, professional and continuing education and executive education, where Intelliworks has established a significant presence.”

The combined entity, operating as Hobsons, will deliver a suite of integrated solutions for managing the entire student lifecycle.Hobsons and Intelliworks are committed to satisfying all existing client needs, delivering world-class service, and providing clear and easy upgrade paths to future solutions. As part of the transaction, Intelliworks’ Chief Executive Officer Todd Gibby will join Hobsons as managing director for higher education, responsible for leading the company’s higher education business.

“A fully developed student lifecycle CRM system should track a student from the initial contact with the institution through enrollment, matriculation and entry into alumnus status,” noted a recent Gartner Hype Cycle report*. “A tighter relationship between the student and the institution pays dividends in retention, future recruitment and, ultimately, advancement. Fully functional student lifecycle CRM aims for decades of relationship management, not just the limited duration of traditional enrollment management solutions.”

“Combining Intelliworks’ and Hobsons’ resources and experience will enable us to deliver innovative, flexible, and scalable enrollment management solutions for every type of institution, including individual programs and departments within an institution,” added Gibby. “On behalf of the Intelliworks team, we are delighted to join Hobsons in serving academic institutions and helping to transform the way they engage with prospects, students, and all members of their communities.”

*Gartner, Inc., Hype Cycle for Education, 2011, Jan-Martin Lowendahl, Marti Harris, et al, July 29, 2011.

Top 14 UK Banks Appoint Lewtan™ for Cash Flow Models to Comply with Bank of England Regulation

7 years ago

A centralized source for compliant deal models and related information required for current regulations

Waltham, Massachusetts, December 12, 2011 — Lewtan™, provider of ABSNet®, the industry’s leading source for asset-backed securities surveillance data, analytics, software, and content for the global securitization industry, announces the availability of Bank of England-compliant cash flow models for the UK Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) market. ABSNet, Lewtan’s fully integrated web portal, which incorporates comprehensive asset-backed securities performance data and analytics, is the foundation for these compliant models.

In November 2010, the Bank of England issued a market notice requiring increased transparency for asset-backed securities and covered bonds in order for these securities to be eligible collateral for their discount window facility. As of November 30, 2011, it is a requirement that investors have access to specific deal documentation, investor reports, loan level data, and a liability-side cash flow model.

Lewtan is providing a compliant solution for 14 of the largest UK RMBS issuers, including Barclays, Lloyds, RBS and Santander. These institutions individually chose Lewtan as their preferred provider, and all are leveraging the ABSNet Cash Flow platform in order to develop liability-side models for these transactions. The deal models and related information are supplied to the market through a combination of Lewtan’s Global ABS Portal and private label issuer websites. Access to these websites is free of charge to bona fide participants in the industry and available at

In addition to the issuers listed above, current ABSNet Cash Flow subscribers now have the benefit of accessing and utilizing the same liability model that has been developed for Bank of England compliance. New functionality now includes an asset projection engine and bond analytics.

Demanding regulatory environment requires greater transparency

“Lewtan is committed to providing critical ABS securitization information to our clients and market participants in order to comply with the current global regulatory landscape and increased need for transparency in the banking sector,” said Usman Ismail, Executive Vice President at Lewtan. “The development and deployment of this offering supported by the adoption from 14 of the largest issuers in the UK market is a strong validation of Lewtan’s commitment to supporting our clients with leading solutions to help them manage their businesses more effectively in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.”