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Colin Blears embarks on triple Quest for charity

7 years ago

Colin Blears, product development manager at Quest, a leading provider of survey, mortgage valuation and Home Report software solutions, is embarking on three personal challenges during 2012 in a bid to raise funds for the charity, Help For Heroes. This includes a trek up Ben Nevis on 4 June 2012 to light a beacon at the summit of Britain’s highest peak as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

With both his sister and brother-in-law currently on tour in Afghanistan since March this year, Colin decided to take on some personal challenges in a bid to support the British troops and its related charity, as Colin explains:

“I decided that 2012 was my time to get out of the office and take on some challenges to support the men and women of the Armed Forces who protect and serve us without a second thought.  The main event is a trek up to the summit of Ben Nevis, which is significantly different from my daily routine as it typically includes trips to Starbucks and sitting in front of a computer delivering innovative solutions for our customers!  I’m undertaking the challenge alongside my mother and Falklands war-veteran father, who I nominated to join me, and we are all looking forward to reaching the summit come 4th June.  When taking on any challenge, either work or personal, I believe that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination along with support from a good team.”

Colin has also signed-up to do a Skydive on 30th May, and is registered to do his first bungee jump in 13thOctober at Chepstow Quarry, which will see challengers take an amazing 400ft leap of faith.

To support Colin with his challenges, please visit his donation page at:

Hobsons and Tiffin University build one student orientation and engagement destination

7 years ago


Cincinnati, OH –  Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, joined forces with Tiffin University (Tiffin or TU) to deploy a virtual student orientation program. Initially deployed with a distance-learning student population, the online portal enables Tiffin to engage with students on students’ terms.

Meaningful orientation programs serve as a primary driver of student retention and success. Arming new students with answers to their questions speeds the acclimation process and drives student retention. Tiffin University designed its program to address key questions – such as TU attendance policy, resources, programs and services – that cause student confusion and ultimately attrition. By providing student orientation online to this demographic, Tiffin created a convenient program that meets student needs, with regard to access (online) and availability (24/7). The university launched the program to 52 online students this semester and plans to expand the program.

According to the Tiffin admissions team, “We added Virtual Orientation to our arsenal of tools to allow our staff to be more efficient and effective and to provide more convenience to our students. In addition, the online orientation allowed all students to get the same, consistent, message, said Director of Degree Completion Admissions and Student Services Amy Wood. “This student demographic attends classes online, so online was the logical venue for its orientation. Hobsons provided us with a flexible retention tool that is easy-to-use for us, and more importantly, our students. Our staff can track participation and flag students that may require supplemental information.”

Hobsons’ online orientation system walks students through detailed orientation steps that are customized and school specific, such as registration, scheduling, financial services, meeting with an advisor, health care, and getting to know the campus. More information on Hobsons Virtual Orientation may be found on the Hobsons website.

Genscape Launches Europe’s Only North Sea & Forties Real-Time Fundamentals Oil Data Service

7 years ago

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genscape, a pioneer in the research, development, and deployment of patented in-the-field oil infrastructure monitoring systems, today announces the expanded launch of its Forties oil data service, the primary factor in establishing crude oil prices for the entire Atlantic Basin from Norway to Angola.

The importance of the Forties oil system has been magnified as Europe contends with supply outages from Iran and the South Sudan, severe weather, and wide ranging macro-economic challenges. Meanwhile, cargo delays and production declines at the Forties – itself a complex network of over 70 offshore oil fields and 169 kilometers of pipeline – have exacerbated the oil markets need for greater transparency of actual oil fundamentals.

“Oil traders know the value of having access to the actuals, not estimates or algorithms or mathematical models, but true actual data obtained by in-the-field monitors,” says Abudi Zein, senior vice president for oil at Genscape. “Ten years ago, we launched an effort to innovate data collection of energy fundamentals. Our European oil offering couldn’t have launched at a better time.”

Genscape subscribers get half-hourly updates on flows to the on-shore portion of the Forties pipeline and the system tracks oceangoing tankers loaded at Hound Point. It also measures oil storage at Dalmeny daily and yields a complete and accurate picture of oil available for export. The pipeline is calibrated against the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) data to insure a high degree of accuracy from every field located in the North Sea.

Genscape also tracks the operations of the fractionators at Kinneil and monitors the refinery at Grangemouth: all in real-time with subscribers sent automated email alerts on any disruptions. “We’re aware of disruptions often times even before the operator,” adds Zein.

“The accuracy of our data stems directly from our approach to measure, not estimate, market fundamentals using state-of-the-art technology,” says David Francoeur, chief marketing officer at Genscape. “It’s the difference between knowing and guessing; it’s a light bulb illuminating a dark room.”

To watch an educational video and register for a free 2 week trial,

“Our mission is to increase transparency in global energy markets with a price-to-value model that accelerates market acceptance and reinvestment into basic research and development,” adds Francoeur.

To learn more and register for an expert demo, please Or contact: +31 20 524 4080

EDR Launches Customer Satisfaction Program

7 years ago

In the spirit of EDR’s commitment to our customers’ experience, we are excited to introduce a powerful online survey tool called Net Promoter. Net Promoter will survey our customers on a regular basis and provide us with a straightforward metric – a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – holding EDR and our employees accountable for our clients’ experience.  This ongoing survey initiative will provide EDR will real-time metrics and information enabling us to act on customer feedback that will benefit our customers.

Net Promoter has been embraced by leading companies worldwide as the standard for measuring and improving customer service. Companies such as Southwest, Apple, Zappos, and Dell use NPS to solicit customer feedback.  Rob Barber, EDR’s CEO, says “We are very excited about this new initiative at EDR, as it aligns with our continual focus to provide our customers and partners with the best service possible.“

Trepp Reports Sharp Increase in March CMBS Delinquency Rate

7 years ago

Trepp Reports Sharp Increase in CMBS Delinquency Rate
Jump Comes One Month after Delinquencies Matched Lowest Total in a Year 

(NEW YORK – April 3, 2012) - Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets, released its March 2012 U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report today (available at

The delinquency rate for U.S. commercial real estate loans in CMBS jumped 31 basis points in March to 9.68%. The value of delinquent loans is now $58.1 billion.

Newly delinquent loans–over $5 billion in total–put 91 basis points of upward pressure on the rate. Multifamily and Office loans were the worst performing property types with each suffering significant losses. The Office delinquency rate was up 37 basis points, setting a new all-time high of 9.41%. The Hotel delinquency rate dropped 42 basis points and was the only major property type to improve.

For the second straight month, loss resolutions were relatively modest. At about $1 billion, the number was lower than what the CMBS market has been seeing in recent months. The removal of these loans from the delinquent loan category attributed about 15 basis points of downward pressure on the delinquency rate. Loans that were cured in March put an additional 43 basis points of downward pressure on the rate.

“We predicted late last year that the delinquency rate would rise largely on the impact of 2007 loans coming due, and today’s report underscores that forecast. After the rate fell nicely in January and February, we were cautiously hopeful that we’d be wrong. This month’s report shows that the market has a lot of wood to cut and that a rate north of 10% can’t be ruled out,” said Manus Clancy, senior managing director at Trepp.

For additional details, request the March U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report at For daily CMBS and bank trading ideas, credit events and commentary, register for TreppWire or follow us on Twitter.

Genscape Launches ERCOT PowerBuyer

7 years ago

New offering leverages Genscape’s powerful analytics and monitoring to reduce costs for retailers and utilities.

HOUSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Genscape, the leading provider of energy market data and analytics, today announces the launch of its new ERCOT PowerBuyer service at the Gulf Coast Power Association’s Spring Conference.  This innovative service provides retailers and other power buyers a powerful tool to reduce their wholesale power costs.

Genscape’s PowerBuyer customers receive daily reports which pinpoint hours in tomorrow’s ERCOT’s Real-Time market which offer a combination of cost savings vs. the Day Ahead market and low upside risk.  By using PowerBuyer as part of a disciplined buying strategy, customers can reduce their average power costs by up to 14.5%.  “Volatility is a fact of life in the ERCOT market,” says Kyle Bessette – head of Genscape’s ERCOT analyst team.  “With PowerBuyer, we enable our customers to harness the market’s volatility to reduce their costs and avoid risk.”

Genscape monitors over 50 of ERCOT’s largest power plants and has been the leading provider of market intelligence to the ERCOT market since its nodal transition, supported by an experienced team of developers, analysts, and meteorologists.  The same rigorous analysis and modeling is behind the PowerBuyer service, which includes a market summary of drivers such as demand, wind generation, outages and congestion.

“We’ve got decades of experience in the ERCOT market, but the analytical horsepower that Genscape brings exceeds what we can do in-house,” said Martin Downy, Senior VP of TriEagle Energy.  “PowerBuyer is an easy to use service which consistently identifies low-risk opportunities in the Real-Time market.  With this service, we can reduce our costs and can pass savings to our customers.”

For more information on Genscape’s Power RT services, please contact or (877) 251-5303.

Naviance ties reading assessment to college and career readiness with Total Reader

7 years ago


Arlington, VA – Naviance, the K-12 division of Hobsons, today announced a partnership with education instruction and data management provider EDminto integrate Total Reader, a leading online reading assessment and improvement system, into Naviance Succeed, the world’s most widely adopted college and career readiness platform. Through this integration, Naviance and EDmin aim to improve students’ preparation for post-secondary success.

With the addition of Total Reader, Naviance will deliver personalized reading instruction to students and allow teachers, counselors, and parents to track student progress in real time. Combined with the full suite of Naviance reporting and data analysis capabilities, Total Reader will help schools and districts strengthen the connection between academic rigor and college and career readiness.

Total Reader is an online computer adaptive reading assessment program for students in grades 3-12. Utilizing the Lexile® Framework for Reading and the cloze item testing methodology, Total Reader combines reading practice and assessment. Each time students practice reading, they find out their Lexile measure. Each new reading passage keeps pace with their growth. Students are also encouraged to read books in the range where they will be appropriately challenged.

“Educators have long needed timely, more reliable ways to keep students on track for college and career readiness, especially in building their reading skills,” said Peter Sibley, chief executive officer, EDmin. “Through Naviance, Total Reader will personalize reading instruction to the level of individual students, offering supplemental reading at a level that is challenging, not frustrating, to encourage growth.”

Reading comprehension is a critical part of college and career preparedness.  According to the ACT, nearly half of all students are not ready for college-level reading. Additionally, the Lexile measures needed for post-secondary career success far exceed the average ability of today’s high school graduates. A recent National Adult Literacy study found that, “From a Lexile measure of 1000L to 1300L, each reading ability increase of 150L doubles future earning potential.”

“Students cannot be ready for success in college or the workplace unless they learn the subject matter taught in the classroom,” said Stephen Smith, president, Naviance. “Yet too often students’ struggles with reading become a barrier to college and career readiness. Total Reader helps bridge this divide by focusing instruction on areas where students need the most help, and providing schools and districts with measurable and actionable results.”

New Energy Saving Solution

7 years ago

- Energy Saver is designed to assist organisations with reducing their energy costs through effective energy management -

• Organisations that installed Automatic Monitoring & Targeting (AMT) services identified, on average, carbon savings of 12% and cost savings of up to 10%*

• Over 40% of the UK adult population regularly use a PC at work**

o 18% of these PCs are not switched off at night or weekends**
o 13% are not switched off on some days each week**
o Approximately 1.5 billion kWh is wasted annually, costing around £115 million**

• Government estimates show that replacing current electrical equipment with more energy efficient products could save 40,000 tonnes of carbon per year**

o Lighting costs can be cut by as much as 15 per cent by simply turning off lights in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used**

This week (19th March) sees the launch of ‘Energy Saver’, the new energy management solution from Landmark Information Group. Energy Saver has been specially designed to help organisations reduce their energy costs through more effective management of existing energy supplies.

The simple, full-service solution can, on average, help companies reduce expenditure on energy by 20%. Energy Saver provides a breakdown of where and when organisations are using energy enabling areas for streamlining or cost cutting to easily be identified.

David Mole, Director of Landmark Environmental Due Diligence, said: “The launch of Energy Saver is very positive news for organisations looking to make cost savings on their energy bills and for those wanting to be more socially responsible by minimising their carbon output. Companies have the potential to make tremendous reductions in their energy consumption which will potentially save tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds.

“As Lord Kelvin, the celebrated physicist and engineer, famously said, ‘To measure is to know; if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it’. This quote sums up what Energy Saver offers our clients – the ability to easily identify areas where energy output can be reduced and cost savings and energy efficiencies can therefore be made. Government estimates put potential energy savings at 40,000 tonnes of carbon per year, simply by replacing equipment with more energy efficient products. With energy worth £1.6bn  wasted each year, there are not only considerable energy savings to be made, but significant financial savings too. Energy Saver can enable organisations to do just that.”

Energy Saver works through the installation of a range of smart meters which capture information about an organisation’s energy consumption and generation, looking at eight different modules, such as incoming feed, renewable generation, air conditioning, lighting, desktop IT, central IT systems, office peripherals, gas and water. Detailed reports, including analysis, are provided, enabling users to control and automate the management of specified metered appliances.

The software gives an up-to-the-minute overview of the organisation’s performance with a comprehensive breakdown of energy usage in real time. Users can therefore easily pin-point how much energy is being used by heating, lighting and IT equipment at any given time and easily map their progress against specified targets.

Energy Saver forms part of Landmark’s ‘Carbon Counter’ software solution products. Launched at the beginning of 2010, over 300 organisations across both public and private sectors have incorporated Carbon Counter – CRC Compliance to help ensure that they are fully compliant with Carbon Reduction Commitment requirements.

To find out more about Landmark’s Energy Saver and Carbon Counter services, visit

Hobsons Partners with Blackboard Student Services on Advanced Student Lifecycle Support Offerings

7 years ago

Combined Offerings Enable Institutions to Easily Build and Maintain Student Connections

CINCINNATI, OH – March 12, 2012 –  Hobsons,the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, has partnered with Blackboard Student Services, the leading provider of shared services and technology-enabled solutions to hundreds of higher education institutions, to offer current and prospective client institutions complementary services from each company that will help enhance the process of delivering support to students in all aspects of the student lifecycle.

Blackboard Student Services(SM) works with institutions on improving the way organizations manage admissions, enrollment, financial aid, online learning and information technology support, while Hobson’s continues to be a leader in marketing, enrollment management and student retention. Together, institution will have the option of working with both companies through integrated services, support, and technology in various aspects of the campus experience.

Hobsons and Blackboard support colleges and universities all over the country and often find the solutions working together in different parts of one organization. This partnership will allow for even greater strategic guidance and integration as institutions develop marketing strategies, find and reach prospective students, provide continuous support of financial aid and enrollment information, improve enrollment conversions, increase student retention and more.

“We are committed to helping higher education institutions enable student success,” stated Todd Gibby, president of higher education, Hobsons. “Our clients have seen how investing in the right strategy and technology cannot only help them market their programs more efficiently, but also deliver a far greater student experience.”

“Student expectations have changed and there is high demand for 24/7 access to information and real-time responses,” said Craig Chanoff, general manager of Blackboard Student Services. “While student support organizations within institutions try to meet these expectations, more and more universities are relying on technology to gain efficiencies. We are excited to partner with Hobsons to give institutions the option of working with two market leaders to build and maintain relationships with their students.”

The partnership focuses on online programs in traditional universities and provides the proactive outreach and guidance institutions seek in order to enable strong persistence rates for students and increased success for higher education institutions.

The announcement was made at the American Council of Education conference, the major coordinating body for the nation’s higher education institutions.

Does Technology Make a Difference? College and University Weighs In

7 years ago

CINCINNATI, OH and LOS ANGELES, CA – March 9, 2012 –  Inside Higher Ed recently completed its second annual survey of senior campus leaders. More than 1,000 respondents provided data and insights about the key challenges faced by American colleges and universities. The survey, “The 2012 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College & University Presidents,” gauged the effectiveness of institutional investments in information technology in eleven key areas. Of the eleven tech areas, not one received a “very effective” rating by more than fifty percent of respondents:

  • Top of the list: Library resources and services, 49.6%
  • Bottom of the list: Alumni activities/engagement, 17.5%

“The survey results show college presidents — from every type of institution — worried about finances, both in terms of what they spend and what they bring in. And for most institutions, technology spending is a significant expense, and involves strategic choices, so we wanted to gauge how satisfied they were with the results,” said Scott Jaschik, editor of Inside Higher Ed. “Many of the technologies we asked about are related to enrolling and retaining students, which is another big area of concern to many college presidents, and is a concern that relates directly to finances.”

To understand how technology can be effective on your campus, visit the Hobsons booth (#220) at the ACE Annual Meeting (March 10-14 in Los Angeles).

Connect®: Higher Education CRM
The Web-based CRM solution helps thousands of global universities build unique relationships and automate communications with students while saving time, money, and staff resources.

Intelliworks: Relationship Management
Whether your goal is to grow enrollment, optimize recruitment marketing results, improve service to existing students, or reconnect with alumni, Intelliworks offers relationship management solutions that are flexible, configurable, and scalable to the needs of your institution, particularly for graduate and non-traditional programs.

Retain: Student Retention
Institutions use Retain to identify, and intervene with, at-risk students with intuitive early alert and strategic communication capabilities that drive retention rates and student success.

AgileGrad: Student Planning
AgileGrad allows faculty to change advising conversations to focus on big issues, such as academic progress and goals.

More information on Hobsons technology may be found on the Hobsons website.