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Naviance and College Countdown Bookstore simplify search for college resources

7 years ago


ARLINGTON, VA and NAPERVILLE, IL - Naviance, the leading provider of measurable student success solutions for K–12 schools and districts, recently integrated College Countdown Bookstore into the NavStore, a marketplace where Naviance clients can find additional third-party solutions to maximize student success. This partnership simplifies the search for relevant college resources, granting students, families, and educators access to materials based on individual interests —all from a single, integrated platform.

Beginning in August 2012, the College Countdown Bookstore will offer a curated collection of the top college books recommended by Sourcebooks EDU editors, based on feedback from educators, parents, and students. The bookstore will bring together a variety of college resources, divided into several categories for parents, students, and educators including choosing a school, applying to college, paying for college, SAT and ACT test prep, the first-year experience, and bestsellers. The store will open with selected Sourcebooks college books, including the bestselling Fiske Guide to Colleges. Books from other publishers will be added to the store in July and August, and educators, parents, and students will have the opportunity to recommend resources.

The NavStore offers an easy way for Naviance member schools and districts to find best-in-class college and career readiness support tools. Staff can view integrated product offerings through launching the NavStore right from the homepage in Naviance Succeed. This one-stop shop is unique, as it provides members the ability to discover new solutions to help students reach their goals.

College Countdown Bookstore will initially carry 100 print and ebooks—40 percent from Sourcebooks EDU and 60 percent from other publishers—with a 25 percent discount for Naviance members.

Developer Developer Developer South West

7 years ago

Landmark is proud to be a sponsor of the ‘Developer Developer Developer South West – event taking place on Saturday 26 May 2012 at University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. DDD South West is a free one day technical event for developers. It is a day of learning, discussing, contributing and being part of the community in the South West. Our goal is to provide free technical education, the opportunity to mix with peers and to make and develop relationships in the .NET industry.

A number of Landmark application development staff wil be attending the event, and one of our technical leads Joel Hammond-Turner will be presenting on the topic of ‘Using your NuGet for Fun & Profit’.

This session will look at creating NuGet packages for use within your own organisation rather than for general consumption, and will look at the options for hosting a NuGet server both on-site and in the Cloud.  With experience of most Microsoft technologies (and more than a few non MS ones), Joel focuses mostly on C#, Asp.Net MVC, Lightswitch and Silverlight – working as a Technical Lead at Landmark.

EDR hosts event to gain insight on land contamination and residential properties

7 years ago

On April 26, 2012, EDR assembled a group of 25 attorneys, appraisers, bankers and representatives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Freddie Mac and the Environmental Protection Agency to discuss land contamination issues as they relate to residential property in the U.S.  The conversation explored a variety of issues including the liabilities that brokers and sellers face, vapor intrusion in residential properties, and how the UK has developed and implemented a standard for environmental screening on residential transactions.  While some expressed concern over adding costs in the current real estate market conditions, the majority of the group agreed that a low-cost screen of known environmental hazards surrounding a new home is something prospective home owners should consider.

Risk Incurring Hefty Fine

7 years ago
  • Despite proposed Government changes to streamline and simplify CRC, the scheme remains the same for 2012
  • The 30th July 2012 deadline for submitting Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) annual reports is fast approaching
  • Organisations must comply with the scheme or risk incurring a financial penalty
  • Landmark’s Carbon Counter software tool provides a safe and accurate repository for data and reduces time and costs associated with recording and reporting

In spite of the publication of Government proposals to simplify the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme and cut administrative costs by £330 million for the 2,000 participating companies, organisations are urged to ensure they meet the current obligations of the scheme and submit their energy reports in time for the 2012 deadline, or risk incurring financial penalties.

David Mole, Managing Director for Landmark Environmental Due Diligence, said: “Companies should not think that that they do not need to submit their reports by 30th July deadline simply because a consultation on the scheme is taking place. The consultation may change the system in the future but for now, CRC remains the same; it’s a case of ‘business as usual’.  If companies do not submit their reports in time, they run the very real risk of receiving a hefty fine.

“Participants in the scheme who wish to submit their comments for the consultation may do so before 18th June but, even if the scheme is simplified, changes will not come into force for at least another 18 months. In all likelihood, CRC may be renamed but it will almost certainly still exist in some form and, in order to align with national targets, organisations will still be subject to mandatory reporting and will need to submit evidence of their energy consumption.

“Gathering energy usage evidence and reporting an organisation’s carbon footprint needn’t be an arduous task. Landmark’s Carbon Counter data management software solution acts as a central depository for this information and collates information for the evidence pack. Launched at the beginning of 2011 to help organisations with CRC, it has already assisted over 300 customers meet the CRC requirements and drastically reduced their administrative burden.

“Not only can time spent on administration be halved within a period of 12 months of using Carbon Counter, but users can learn key lessons on understanding energy usage and the benefits that this can have on the bottom line. We have learned of one organisation for example, who, thanks to Carbon Counter, identified that they were paying for supplies to one building that they didn’t even own.”

David Mole continues: “The CRC can be a hugely time consuming and frustrating experience but it really needn’t be. With £1.6bn worth of energy wasted by UK companies each year*, the benefits of CRC and identifying where savings can be made, far outweigh the negatives of the scheme.

“It is not, however, only companies required to meet the CRC requirements that ought to take steps to measure and reduce their energy output. Landmark’s Energy Saver solution is designed for organisations looking to make cost savings on their energy bills and for those wanting to be more socially responsible by minimising their carbon output. Accessed through the Carbon Counter hub (, the tool can help companies reduce expenditure on energy by 20%. Similarly to Landmark’s CRC Compliance tool, it provides a breakdown of where and when organisations are using energy enabling areas for streamlining or cost cutting to easily be identified.”

Almost half of the organisations using CRC Compliance come from the public sector, including district councils, county councils and NHS trusts which are often responsible for administering electricity, gas, oil and biomass across multiple sites. This means that a clear evidence pack and audit trail is vital, something for which CRC Compliance was specifically designed. However, a growing number of private sector organisations are recognising the benefits of using the system, with companies such as Highland Spring Group and Vector Aerospace International signed up.

To find out more about Landmark’s Carbon Counter services, visit

Landmark launches new charity partnership with WaterAid

7 years ago

Landmark Information Group (the leading provider of property related geo-spatial and environmental information) is launching its latest charity partnership. Landmark alongside a donation from parent company DMGT, will be supporting the international charity WaterAid by donating £22,000.

It will also be encouraging its employees to support WaterAid as part of the company’s commitment to the environment and empowering people. WaterAid is a non-governmental organisation that helps the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water and sanitation in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region.

The money donated will be invested into a free tool – the Water Point Mapper – which has been developed by WaterAid. The mapping tool can produce maps showing the status of water supply services, in rural and urban locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where there is little internet connectivity.

The tool also supports local level planning and can improve accountability for water sector performance at local and national levels. Landmark Information Group places strong emphasis on supporting charities with a link to its services and is also keen to establish ways that its employees and its systems can contribute to the work of WaterAid.

Stephen Stout, CEO of Landmark Information Group says: “We are delighted to be working with a globally respected charity like WaterAid, and supporting the work they’re conducting in countries across the world. It’s important for businesses like ours to place corporate and social responsibility high on our agenda, as we can use our strengths to work alongside organisations like WaterAid to help improve the lives for some of the 783 million people currently without access to clean water.”

Susie Kennedy, Corporate Account Manager from WaterAid says: “It’s fantastic to be working with a company like Landmark, who have such superb digital mapping knowledge. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure we establish a safe supply of water in places that are in most need, and this investment will help us to do just that.”

Quest Highly Commended at the PropertyDrum B2B Awards 2012

7 years ago

Quest, a leading provider of survey, mortgage valuation and Home Report software solutions, is celebrating after receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ accolade at the 2012 PropertyDrum B2B Awards for the ‘outsourced services’ category. The awards evening took place in London on 1 May and brought together residential property professionals from across the UK. th birthday later this year and is now recognised as the UK’s leading provider of survey and mortgage valuation software. Our goal has always been to work with our customers improve their valuation processes. Working together we have transformed property valuation from a time-consuming, paper based chore into a modern, automated process that uses the latest mobile

The award entry from Quest focused on the mortgage valuation and survey software tools that have been delivered to customers in order to help streamline the entire instruction management and report completion process for the surveying and lending community. This includes the latest mobile tools that enable surveyors using Tablet PCs to complete and submit a valuation, whilst at the property saving time, ensuring validation and improving accuracy.

Commenting on the recognition received at the PropertyDrum B2B Awards, David Callcott, managing director of Quest said, “Quest celebrates its 30

Concludes David, “We would like to extend our thanks to all our customers , to those who provided testimonials regarding the service we provide and to the award judges who recognised the value we deliver to the UK property sector each day.”

For further information regarding Quest, telephone 0844 844 9969 or visit

EDR’s Spring Due Diligence at Dawn educational series wrapped up in April

7 years ago

EDR’s Spring Due Diligence at Dawn educational series wrapped up in April with record breaking attendance in each city (Chicago, DC and Boston)—Chicago was particularly noteworthy for setting a new record for the highest number of attendees to ever attend DDD. In total, 282 professionals attended our program in the three spring cities. Accutest Laboratories, a sponsor of the events in Chicago and Boston, also sent speakers to lead a track on laboratory testing procedures. In each city, Dianne P. Crocker, Principal Analyst for EDR Insight, shared 10 key trends in the commercial real estate and environmental due diligence sectors, as well as a look at what environmental professionals can expect in 2012. Anthony Buonicore presented the top ten misconceptions about vapor migration, and talked the audience through a progression of steps for conducting a Tier 1 Vapor Encroachment Screen as part of a Phase I environmental site assessment. Other local highlights from the program included:

  • In Chicago, Heather Nifong of the Illinois EPA  updated attendees on the state’s developing vapor intrusion guidance document, as well as the implications of the Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) rulemaking.
  • In DC, Patricia Overmeyer of the U.S. EPA/Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization gave an overview of the role of vapor migration in Phase I environmental site assessments from the U.S. EPA’s point of view.
  • In Boston, attorney Seth Jaffe of Foley Hoag discussed risk allocation and vapor intrusion as part of the deal making process, followed by Tim Kemper, a program manager with the Shaw Group, who discussed a case study involving VI on a Massachusetts industrial property.

Links to the presenters’ slides are located on the Vapor Intrusion page on EDR’s website.

Nearly 100% of workshop participants rated the program as “exceeded” or “met” expectations. Noteworthy comments included:

  • “Since being a part of DDD since its beginning, it is still a very valuable conference for all environmental professionals.”
  • “EDR is always great at informing us of the latest current issues and is a valuable resource.”
  • “Time well spent.”
  • “I’m looking forward to next year already.”
  • “Well put-together program—relevant topics.”
  • “As a practicing professional and EDR client, I appreciate the effort and generosity to host this style of lecture series. My grateful thanks to Accutest for their sponsorship.”

EDR looks forward to continuing the program in additional cities in the fall of 2012.

April CMBS Delinquency Rate Reaches Second Highest Level Ever

7 years ago

Trepp April CMBS Delinquency Rate Reaches Second Highest Level Ever:
Delinquencies Rise for Second Straight Month

(NEW YORK – May 1, 2012) - Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets, released its April 2012 U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report today (available at

The delinquency rate for U.S. commercial real estate loans in CMBS rose 12 basis points in April to 9.80%. The value of delinquent loans is now $59.3 billion.

Loans that were newly delinquent–about $3.8 billion in total–put upward pressure on the rate of about 64 basis points. In addition, the increase in the delinquency rate was driven by a big increase in office loans, as all other major property types improved in April. The office delinquency rate is up 82 basis points to a new all-time high of 10.23%–the first time the office rate has ever hit double digits.

Following two months of relatively modest loan loss resolutions ($1 billion or less), special servicers picked up steam in April with over $1.4 billion in loss resolutions in the month. The removal of these loans from the delinquent loan category attributed about 24 basis points of downward pressure on the delinquency rate.

Loans that were cured put further downward pressure on the rate of 33 basis points. Retail delinquencies dropped 26 basis points to 7.98% and remained the best performing major property type.

“One category of loans worth keeping an eye on is those that are past their balloon date but current in their interest rate (“performing balloons”). This category now accounts for 1.16% of loans in the database. In January 2011, these loans only accounted for 0.31% of the market. Although performing balloon loans are down slightly from last month, if we were to consider these loans late, the delinquency rate would have been 10.97%,” said Manus Clancy, senior managing director at Trepp.

For additional details, request the April U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report at For daily CMBS and bank trading ideas, credit events and commentary, register for TreppWire or follow us on Twitter.

NHCC implements AgileGrad to promote student success through online scheduling and advising

7 years ago


NHCC joined forces with Hobsons, a leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for higher education, to help students achieve academic goals faster. NHCC advisors and students will start using AgileGrad, an online advising tool, to build individualized academic plans by Spring of 2013.

Landon Pirius, NHCC Chief Student Affairs Officer, says “We are implementing AgileGrad because we want to help students meet graduation requirements for their chosen majors in the most time-efficient, cost-effective way. Students need to have realistic and achievable plans, and we want to help them be successful.” AgileGrad will also help NHCC advisors better track student goals and connect with students in a more proactive and personalized way.

North Hennepin Community College has been a leading provider of higher education in the northwest metropolitan area of the Twin Cities since 1966. Conveniently located at the intersection of 85th Avenue North and West Broadway in Brooklyn Park, NHCC’s 120-acre campus is rich with activity and diversity. The college currently serves more than 12,000 students and offers a variety of programs with flexible scheduling options and affordable tuition including associate degrees, credit and non-credit certificates, the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, as well as a number of bachelor’s degrees through partnerships with four-year universities.

Acquisition of Xceligent by dmg :: information

7 years ago

Stamford, CT/Independence, MO, 27th April, 2012

dmg :: information (dmgi) has agreed to partner with Xceligent, Inc.’s founder and management team to purchase the company from LoopNet and other investors.  The transaction is pursuant to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consent order intended to create a national competitor to the merged CoStar Group and LoopNet entity.  Xceligent is based in Independence, Missouri and has 210 employees.

Xceligent is one of only two multi-market providers of fully researched information and marketing tools to companies involved in buying, selling, leasing, developing or managing commercial real estate.  The service is a comprehensive inventory of commercial properties, available space for lease or sale, tenants, sale comps, transaction histories, historical trends, demographic information and mapping tools.  Currently, Xceligent operates in 30 markets.  As a result of the transaction, dmgi will provide Xceligent necessary funding to complete its expansion covering the largest 65 United States markets within 36 months, and the remainder of the United States thereafter.

“We are excited to add Xceligent to our portfolio of companies focused on the property information sector,” said Suresh Kavan, dmgi’s CEO.  “Our partnership allows Xceligent to rapidly expand their outstanding products and information into the largest US markets.”

Doug Curry, Xceligent’s founder and CEO commented: “When the CoStar- LoopNet merger was first announced, real estate companies across the country reached out to us to see if we could quickly match the footprint of the combined entity.  With their vision of the commercial real estate sector as well as their experience in growing information companies and financial resources, it was evident dmgi was the ultimate partner for Xceligent and the industry. Leveraging dmgi’s proven track record of growing companies in the property sector with our experienced team creates an opportunity to change the landscape of commercial real estate information.”

The market for information on commercial real estate is both large and fragmented. As a consequence of this large opportunity, over the last several years, dmgi has acquired a number of property information companies including: Environmental Data Resources (EDR), Landmark (in the UK) and Trepp.  dmgi also has strategic investments in Real Capital Analytics (RCA) and BUILDFax.

Kavan concludes: “Real estate is such an important asset class and we believe that Xceligent will be able to bring a level of transparency to commercial real estate that will benefit a number of stakeholders in the commercial property sector, including real estate agents, brokers, investors, owners, financial institutions, appraisers and government agencies.”

About dmg :: information

dmg :: information (dmgi) is a business division of DMGT that manages and develops a portfolio of high-growth, innovative companies that provide business-to-business information to the property, education, energy and commodity and structured finance markets.  dmgi is headquartered in Stamford, CT

About DMGT

DMGT is an international group quoted on the London Stock Exchange. It operates in more than 40 countries, with a portfolio of businesses in media, information and digital markets that serve both business and consumer audiences.

About Xceligent

Xceligent, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial real estate information services based in Independence, MO. Leveraging an efficient, research-focused model, Xceligent provides commercial real estate professionals with accurate and timely information on commercial real estate availabilities. Xceligent currently provides information services in 30 major U.S. metropolitan markets.