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Genscape Becomes First EPA-Approved QAP Provider for Renewable Fuel Imports

5 years ago

Louisville, KY – Genscape, the first EPA-approved QAP provider, is now first to have EPA approval for biofuels produced at foreign facilities and imported into the US. This new EPA designation is another important milestone for Genscape as their RIN Integrity Network™ continues to build trust and validation-through-certification across the industry.

“We know that Genscape’s certification program increases marketability and pricing power for domestic producers,” says Robert Barton, managing director at Genscape.  “Now foreign producers can enjoy the same advantages.”
To educate Canadian producers on how best to improve their quality assurance and overall competitiveness, Genscape will host a no-cost educational webinar on July 11, entitled:  Roadmap for Selling QAP RINs in the US: A Guide for Canadian Producers.
To learn more or register visit:
For both A-RIN and B-RIN producers, the Genscape QAP program incorporates a suite of compliance-based services including annual attestation, direct advice on RFS2 registration and compliance issues with a licensed CPA, RFS2 Engineering Review by an engineer licensed in the facility’s state, full ASTM 6751 panel test, and RFS2 Quarterly Report filing. The EPA requires that renewable fuel producers participating in a QAP program complete these compliance measures to maintain the integrity of the program.
The process for the EPA to verify a QAP Provider for fuel produced outside the US requires the provider to prove their capacity to monitor and track the transportation of fuels with additional stringency as the imports typically move via rail or vessel. Foreign producers must register and receive EPA-issued company and facility identification numbers prior to the generation of any RINs for the fuel, which is the same process as that for a domestic producer. Foreign producers that generate RINs must also meet the requirements of Title 40 CFR §80.1166.

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EDR Kicks off Fall Nationwide Educational Seminars

6 years ago

Last week EDR hosted the first three of nine Due Diligence at Dawn seminars (Chicago, San Francisco, and Orange County) to be held this fall.
This annual program, in its 18th year, brings together environmental professionals in metro regions to share EDR’s expertise on the top technical and business issues affecting the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Industry. Educational tracts this fall include national and regional market updates by the EDR Insight Group, an update on the standards that drive the Phase I industry, and a review of the latest technologies being used in the field to drive efficiency. In addition, EDR brought together a panel of local lenders to educate consultants on how they can better serve the interests of their lender clients.

99% of attendees noted that the program exceeded or met their objectives. Comments included “This was one of the best due diligence seminars. Pertinent discussions on topics that are relevant to environmental consultants.” and “ EDR has consistently had its finger on the pulse of the Phase I Industry.”

Jon Walker, EVP of Sales and Marketing at EDR says “We are excited to continue to host these seminars that reinforce EDR’s brand as an industry leader, opinion maker, and educator providing content to help our clients grow.” With 320 environmental professionals in attendance at the first week of seminars, the entire series is expected to reach an audience of over 1,200. DDD resumes November 7th in Dallas. Learn more about the program and schedule here.

Environmental Data Resources announces new role to better serve the consulting and engineering community

6 years ago

MILFORD, Conn. —Environmental Data Resources Inc. (EDR), the national provider of property-specific environmental information and risk management solutions, today announced the creation of a new role at the company that aims to further cement its commitment to the consulting and engineering community.

Effective immediately, Joseph Burstiner has assumed the position of Managing Director for EDR’s Consulting and Engineering division. In this new role, leading the vision and strategy, Burstiner will focus on EDR’s ongoing mission to deliver the highest quality content available for environmental professionals and engineers. Burstiner will support clients’ growth by working closely with them on product enhancements, features, and workflow solutions that best meet their needs.

Most recently a National Account Manager, Burstiner has been handling EDR’s accounts in the environmental sector for 17 years, and has been an active voice for customers by providing feedback to all departments at EDR headquarters. Having deep industry knowledge, Burstiner has spoken on a broad array of industry topics at over 75 of EDR’s Due Diligence at Dawn seminars around the country.

Fred VanderPloeg of PSI says: “We’ve worked with Joe for a decade and he’s been a consistently reliable resource for all aspects of our due diligence business. Joe stays ahead of market trends, is generous with his insight and knowledge, and has provided steady, effective account management for our large volume of business. We consider Joe a valuable asset to our business.”

Rob Barber, EDR CEO, says “Joe’s passion to support our clients’ success coupled with his deep industry knowledge makes him the perfect choice for this role. Joe’s new role is the latest step in our mission to constantly improve upon our customers’ experience. Other recent initiatives including the launch of the Net Promoter Score last spring and the expansion of our Customer Care Team all make this a very exciting time at EDR. ”

Environmental Data Resources Announces New Historical City Directory Super Library

6 years ago

MILFORD, Conn., June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental Data Resources Inc. (EDR), the national provider of property-specific environmental information and risk management solutions, today announced a $3.2 million investment to enhance and expand its historical resources collections over the next three years. The first use of these funds is part of a project called EDR’s City Directory Super Library.

City directories are an important historical source used by environmental professionals to comply with ASTM E1527-05 Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  By providing a record of changes in occupancy at property locations, city directories enable the evaluation of potential liabilities resulting from past activities.

EDR’s City Directory Super Library project is the first of its kind to aggregate city directory resources from across the nation into a single consolidated repository.   It will provide EDR clients with unmatched years and geographic coverage to support comprehensive and accurate environmental due diligence efforts.

EDR’s first two investments includes the acquisition  from Haines & Company  of Haines’ entire collection of over 3,000 historical city directories, ranging from 1933-2012, and obtaining a license from Haines for future city directories produced by Haines.  EDR has also signed an agreement with Cole Information Company which provides EDR with rights to their electronic database of over 2 billion records from 1992 to the present.

Adding these extensive archives from Haines and Cole to EDR’s already extensive in-house collections, EDR’s existing agreements with InfoUSA/Polk and EDR mobile research facilities will result in the most comprehensivecity directory library in the nation.

According to EDR’s CEO Rob Barber, “These are exciting additions for EDR as they align with our commitment to provide our clients with the most comprehensive historical research collection for environmental due diligence. This effort began in 1996 when we acquired the Sanborn Map Company assets, giving our clients access to the only complete collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps in the country.”  In addition, Barber states, “EDR has also invested in ongoing aerial photo acquisitions, and we are pleased to share that our investments will continue for years to come.”

For more information on EDR’s city directory service, visit

Hobsons and Parchment Partner to Offer Secure Electronic College Application Submission

6 years ago


Hobsons, provider of Naviance, the most widely adopted college-and career-readiness platform for K-12 schools and districts and Parchment Inc, the education credentials data pioneer, today announced an exclusive partnership. Together, the two organizations will allow students to securely send application forms, recommendations, and transcripts electronically through Docufide byParchment® to more than 1,700 participating colleges and universities.

The combination of Docufide by Parchment and Naviance eDocs – a tool that allows schools to prepare and send college application documents electronically – offers users reduced time, resources and costs, and provides the peace of mind that applications will reach post-secondary institutions quickly and securely. This exclusive agreement extends the companies’ successful partnership serving thousands of schools – enabling Naviance members to send more than 13 million documents so far this application season.

In addition to the improving staff efficiencies, Naviance eDocs also dramatically decreases costs associated with college applications: postage, time saved from staff, and ancillary costs. Before Naviance eDocs, many schools primary relied on submitting paper-based transcription, school profiles, and recommendations to colleges.

“Naviance eDocs has transformed the way schools manage the college application process,” says Stephen M. Smith, president of Hobsons K-12. “Schools have traditionally tracked and sent hundreds or thousands of documents supporting students’ admission applications manually, including letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other required forms.  Docufide by Parchment is uniquely positioned by virtue of the size of its network of senders and receivers and its status as a trusted intermediary to be the conduit for Naviance eDocs transmissions, through our partnership with Parchment we are able to streamline the entire process with secure electronic document exchange; helping schools free staff to focus on guiding students toward success rather than rote administrative tasks.”

“Naviance is the cornerstone of college-going culture for thousands of schools and districts across multiple countries,” says Parchment CEO Matt Pittinsky. “I am thrilled that they have decided to design and integrate Naviance eDocs around Docufide.  The company was a natural choice for a partnership that improves the electronic college application process.”

Trepp CMBS Delinquency Rate Hits All Time High in May

6 years ago

Trepp CMBS Delinquency Rate Hits All Time High in May:
Rate Surpasses the 10% Level as Delinquencies Increase for Third Month

(NEW YORK – May 30, 2012) - Trepp, LLC, the leading provider of information, analytics and technology to the CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets, released its May 2012 U.S. CMBS Delinquency Rate today (full report available Friday, June 1 at

The delinquency rate for U.S. commercial real estate loans in CMBS jumped 24 basis points in May to 10.04%. In the process, the rate broke through the 10% threshold for the first time ever.

Back in December, Trepp predicted that 2012 could be a rocky year for CMBS in terms of the delinquency rate. This prediction was in anticipation of five-year loans securitized in 2007 beginning to reach their maturity dates. At the time, the delinquency rate was around 9.51%, and it was expected that these maturing loans could lead to a spike of 70 basis points in the short term.

It appears that this prophecy has come true. Up 24 basis points in May alone, the delinquency rate has increased 67 basis points in total since February. Whether the rate finally breaching the double-digit mark will carry some psychological impact remains to be seen.

The good news for the CMBS market is that the five-year loans originated in 2007 were heavily front-loaded. This means that by the end of this June, the number of these loans reaching their maturity date will start to dwindle.

“While cracking the 10% barrier might weigh on the market’s psyche for a short time, there are likely better days ahead in terms of delinquencies over the next six months. A big driver of the recent surge in the delinquency rate has come from loans that were originated in 2007 that are coming due now. As we get later in the year, the impact of this trend will dissipate. The next two or three months could be bumpy, but the second half of the year should bring a leveling off of the rate,” said Manus Clancy, senior managing director at Trepp.

Currently, $59.1 billion in loans are delinquent. This excludes loans that are past their balloon date but are current in their interest payments. There are $79.2 billion in loans with the special servicer.

The increase in the delinquency rate was driven by weak performance among hotel and industrial loans. Overall, four of the five largest property types saw delinquencies rise. Only the apartment sector improved, and that was by a single basis point.

For additional details, request the May U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report at For daily CMBS and bank trading ideas, credit events and commentary, register for TreppWire or follow us on Twitter.

Genscape Launches RIN Integrity Network

6 years ago

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genscape, a pioneer in sophisticated and patented monitoring systems, today announces the launch of its RIN Integrity Network. Serving biodiesel producers, marketers, blenders and obligated parties, the service promotes the restoration of integrity and liquidity to the RINs market. Producers join the service through a rigorous auditing process recommended by the National Biodiesel Board RIN Integrity Task Force and continue promoting their integrity through ongoing validation. Ongoing validation includes the industry-recognized, proprietary monitoring capabilities that Genscape has used to bring trusted transparency to energy commodity markets.

“We are confident that producers and obligated parties will see the value in Genscape’s comprehensive auditing and real-time monitoring program. The technology and design are impressive and highly efficient,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO, Joe Jobe.

Recognizing the sense of urgency for biodiesel producers to promote their integrity in the wake of devastating fraud, the RIN Integrity Network™ is being implemented with a fast-to-market, two-phase approach. The initial launch of the service showcases audited plants on a Dashboard map with details of audit compliance that are desired by obligated parties. Dozens of producers are in the onboarding process to be added to the Dashboard. In parallel, ongoing monitoring is being configured for producers that have registered for the service.

“Genscape’s seen a fantastic response from the industry during the development of the RIN Integrity Network. We had over 70 registrations from producers pre-launch and currently have 15 commitments from obligated parties to begin evaluating the service,” said Robert Barton, Chief Operating Officer at Genscape. “Genscape understands the sense of urgency for an industry solution and has pushed hard to meet our May launch date commitment.”

For more information on how Genscape’s new RIN Integrity Network can benefit your biofuel business visit:

Westfield Washington Schools selects Naviance to prepare students for the 21st century workplace

7 years ago


Westfield, IN– Westfield Washington Schools (WWS) has introduced a new program, Naviance Succeed, to arm Westfield High School and Westfield Middle School with a platform to help promote college and career readiness through increased collaboration, rigor and transparency.

“We are very excited to offer another college readiness tool for our WWS families.  Naviance Succeed will assist our students’ post high school career selections and open the range of college and scholarships opportunities available to them,” said Dave Mundy, WWS Executive Director of Learning Systems.

Naviance Succeed is one component of WWS’s district-wide initiative to increase college and career readiness.  The program provides a centralized system for tracking and managing student data.  It streamlines information from students, parents and school personnel, allowing the district to constantly drive and measure student persistence and success.  Additionally, the program will accomplish two common goals:

  1. Improve student and family engagement
  2. Collect, centralize, and analyze student performance data to increase college and career readiness.

Designed to empower students and educators to create multi-year plans, the solutions also enable school and district administrators to make proactive data-driven decisions, and more effectively assist students in their college and career planning efforts.

The new system allows students to create their own path toward academic and personal success through the use of Naviance Succeed’s marketing-leading platform, college and career planning systems.  Naviance Succeed also offer robust analytics designed to help administrators’ measure meaningful long-term outcomes about their students, including enrollment and retention rates, as well as college admittance numbers.

ETS and Hobsons unveil TOEFL® Search Service at NAFSA 2012 Annual Conference

7 years ago


Princeton, NJ– ETS, the creator of the TOEFL ® test , and Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication, and student success solutions for colleges and universities, will showcase the anticipated TOEFL® Search Service, an online tool connecting higher education institutions with prospective international students from around the world. A sneak preview of the new searchable database will be revealed at the NAFSA 2012 Annual Conference & Expo as more than 8,000 international education professionals convene in Houston next week.

Administered by ETS, the TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English-language assessment worldwide, recognized by more than 8,500 institutions in more than 130 countries. To date, more than 27 million students globally have taken the test — a crucial first step toward higher education taught in English. The TOEFL Search Service is the first tool to tap TOEFL test-taker data for student recruitment purposes.

The TOEFL Search Service will offer admissions officials access to an expanding database of more than 200,000 recent TOEFL test takers who have opted in to learn more about higher education opportunities abroad. Admissions officers can search the user-friendly database using up to 26 criteria to customize results and connect with potential targeted applicants. Major features of the service, which will be powered by Hobsons, include:

  • Web-based search capabilities that can be automated to secure real-time data about prospective students, driving timely and accurate recruitment decision-making
  • Data that easily integrates with leading campus management systems, enabling easy electronic, print or telephone contact with potential students, streamlining outreach efforts
  • Insight into the applicant pool by customizing search results by an institution’s preferred criteria, such as country or region of the world, TOEFL scores, planned level of study, planned date of enrollment, or desired field of study to ensure recruitment efforts map directly to enrollment goals

“For the first time ever, the TOEFL Search Service connects colleges and universities with TOEFL test takers interested in learning more about higher education opportunities abroad,” comments David Hunt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS’s Global Division. “This is a powerful new recruitment tool to assist admissions officers in expanding targeted international candidate pools.”

The TOEFL Search Service will officially launch in July 2012, as international recruitment efforts gear up for the academic year.

“The TOEFL Search Service will enable international recruitment admissions teams to gain competitive advantage using previously untapped information,” says Craig Heldman, Chief Executive Officer of Hobsons. “Hobsons’ collaboration with ETS will arm recruiters with targeted recruitment data that can be easily integrated with existing student information systems to help schools meet enrollment goals and shape incoming classes.”

To learn more about how the TOEFL Search Service can improve your international recruitment efforts, click here , call Hobsons at 513-924-3333 or email

Genscape Reports Seaway Pipeline Prepared to Ship Light Sweet Crude Upon Start Up

7 years ago

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Genscape Pipeline service has issued an Intelligence Report today to subscribers that details ongoing construction on the Seaway Pipeline in preparation for starting operations on May 17. Even though Seaway will be able to ship a wide range of crudes, Genscape analysts believe it will likely ship light sweet when it starts up due to the configuration of available pumping stations.

Genscape has determined that the Colbert and Cedar pump stations are likely needed for shipping heavier crudes at 150,000 bpd, and work does not appear to be complete at those stations based on aerial reconnaissance this week. Genscape can detect pumping activity by means of its remote field monitors at four of the five main pump stations and will send an alert to subscribers when this happens.

To stay ahead of important changes in Seaway, including real time reports of the gradual increase to 400,000 bpd capacity, sign up for a trial of the Genscape Pipeline Service today: or email

To learn more, register for a brief-but-informative webinar on May 22, 2012 at 8:00 am EST. RSVP at:

During this complimentary webinar, Genscape will address the following:

1. Configuration of the Seaway line: Topography and pump station placement.
2. Capacity increases: Which stations have to run, and how hard, to achieve certain flow rates? How does gravity and viscosity affect that rate?
3. Which pumping stations are ready? Where is work still being done?
4. What happens to the oil once it reaches the Gulf?

About the Genscape Pipeline Service

This regional report provides real-time flow data on key US oil pipelines in and out of the Cushing oil storage hub. Genscape uses proprietary remote sensing technology to measure the power consumed by pumping stations on major pipelines. The power consumed is proportional to the work performed by the pumping stations to transport crude oil or products. Clients have access to power consumption data in real-time.

The Pipeline Monitor Services include the following

  • Daily Pipeline Report summary of activity
  • Oil Pipeline Dashboard – hourly data available online
  • Historical Database of flow data
  • Notifications of new pipeline activity
  • Intelligence Reports that identify work crews and equipment on the ground along with likely duration, complexity and impact of maintenance or repair tasks.