Cougar Software is poised for exponential growth with new investment


July 3, 2013: Riding on the success of strong year-over-year growth, Cougar ( announced that the company has completed its first round of funding with dmg information (dmgi).

Cougar is well known in the property sector as a leading provider of budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions exclusive to the Real Estate Industry, and enables its users to easily make strategic decisions using sophisticated financial modeling.

“The timing of this investment couldn’t be better,” said Oren Rosen, CEO, Cougar. “Over the last five years we have been building a foundation for growth by steadily increasing market penetration in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. With the strategic and financial backing of dmgi, we can continue our demonstrated track record of customer-driven product innovation and put our foot on the accelerator to increase penetration in these markets.”

“We value dmgi’s expertise in the property industry and look forward to working with investors that are focused on an invest-to-grow strategy.”

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