Highly fragmented, huge, global. Property is a favorite sector of dmgi.
Our businesses, dmgi::land&property Europe and EDR are the leading providers of environmental property information in the UK and US respectively. They are extending their footprint into physical property information, property risk and due diligence solutions.


Growth in global population and wealth levels are driving rapidly increasing demand for energy and commodities; presents an outstanding information sector opportunity.
Our business, Genscape, is a leading provider of proprietary information and analytics on NA and EU power, oil, natural gas, renewables and other commodities markets. Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate & timely data on capacities, flow and utilization for all major energy commodities.


An extremely attractive, large, fragmented and global sector with long term growth characteristics.
Our business, Hobsons, is the leading provider of tools and information to help parents and students prepare for and select the right educational destination as well as helping the academic institution recruit, enroll, manage and retain their students. It is fast growing with a tremendously trusted brand and strong, differentiated product offerings.

Structured Finance

The information market for structured finance is now enjoying recovery after a turbulent few years.
Our business Trepp grew stronger during downturn as investors increased their need for powerful analytical tools and robust information. By way of example, Trepp is frequently featured on CNBC, was appointed by the Federal reserve as the official monitor of the TALF program and thus defines the concept of an industry leader.

Strategic Investments

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to our investment strategy. While we normally look to acquire control, when a business has a strong strategic fit in the sectors we like, we have been successful in making minority investments – often, but not always, building to control.

Agriculture & Water

The tension between rapidly rising resource consumption and environmental sustainability is sure to prove to be one of the next decade’s critical pressure points. It is estimated that food production will need to rise by 70% to feed a global population estimated to reach about 9bn by 2050. At dmgi we recognize there is a role for enterprise to play in devising solutions. There is potentially an information intensive set of solutions to the challenge of food security and water scarcity. We are seeking investments in companies that can provide these.

Our Businesses
Our Philosophy
We believe knowledge drives success. We focus on going deep in a few select sectors. This expertise helps us identify exciting new opportunities, drives an aggressive “bolt-on” acquisition program and gives our portfolio companies access to a world class network of industry leaders. read more...
Our Sectors
We are currently active in five sectors: Property, Financial, Education, Energy & Commodities. In addition, we are carefully monitoring additional areas such as Healthcare and Agricultural information. read more...
Our Parent
We are a subsidiary of the leadng british media company - DMGT. Best known for its stable of high profile UK newspapers such as the Daily Mail, over 70% of DMGT's profits come from its b2b businesses such as dmg :: information and its sister businesses read more...
Our Sisters
If we are measured by the company we keep, then we surely stand tall. Our sister businesses include: dmg::events global exhibitions and conferences RMS global catastrophic risk analytics Euromoney Institutional Investor global financial information and events dmg media  international multi-channel media company which is home to some of the UK's most popular brands